I’VE GOT A Good Heart BUT THIS mouth Print for Women’s Casual T-Shirt


The design awaits a woman who loves to show her pride endowed by the month she’s born. Sounds like being connected with the ‘zodiac’ thing, right? The message dilates emphasizing the coexistence of a good heart yet bold mouth.

With the thoughtful mix of colors, the design inspires everyone looking to voice their inner force and specialty!


  • Full Text: I’M A JANUARY QUEEN I’VE GOT A Good Heart BUT THIS mouth
  • Font Type: A Mix of Sans-Serif and Formal Script
  • Font Case: Both Uppercase and Lowercase
  • Font Style: Regular, Italics
  • Color Pattern: Mixed
  • Common Colors: Thatch, Hawaiian Tan, Comet, Merlot, Suva Gray, Wistful
  • Customizable Part: JANUARY (Name of the Month)
  • Highlight Parts: Two (Good Heart, mouth)
  • Ideal for: Casual Women’s T-Shirt
  • File Format: SVG