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I’m The Women A MAN NEEDS Print for August Born Women - ME Customs, LLC

I’m The Women A MAN NEEDS Print for August Born Women

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When an August born woman needs one standalone way to tout her personality and worth in a quiet yet noticeable way, this design can be wonderful.

Women born in August are known to be hard to impress. They’re strong and fortunate, and likely to awaken men’s desire to have adorable partners. This SVG design shows you a quick way to show who you are and why you matter.


  • Full Text: August Girl – I’m Not The One WHO NEEDS A MAN – I’m The Woman A MAN NEEDS
  • Font Type: A Mix of Sans-Serif and Formal Script
  • Font Case: Both Uppercase and Capitalized Words
  • Font Style: Regular, Italics
  • Color Pattern: Mixed
  • Common Colors: Cavern Pink, Emperor, Maroon Flush, Tapestry, Eclipse, Twine
  • Highlight Parts: Two (I’m not the woman who needs a man, I’m the women a man needs)
  • Ideal for: Casual Women’s Daily Wear T-Shirts
  • File Format: SVG