Baby Shower Idea Baseball or Bows Design Print for Kids’ Casual Dresses


Looking to get something printed on your beautiful kid’s dress that shows some kind of manly and womanly style. This ‘baseball or bow’ art design makes a very beautiful replica of two kids (both a boy and a girl) who have their respective choices to make. Smart color choices for both genders and ways of actions (baseball and bow).


  • Full Text: What will it be?      Baseball or Bows?
  • Font Type: Calligraphic Scripts
  • Font Case: Sentence Case, Capitalized Words
  • Color Pattern: Solid, Mixed RGB
  • Common Colors: Kobi, Indigo, Chetwode Blue, Tan, Deep Blush
  • Highlight Parts: Two (Baseball, Bows)
  • Ideal for: Kids’ Dresses
  • File Format: SVG