Beauty Doesn’t Have A Weight Limit Design for Women’s Dress and Party Wear


Beauty and weight are often considered being too closely attached, but in practice, women who are somewhat not slim/slender are highly applauded. So, it means weight is no longer a pivotal factor when beauty is in consideration.

This design highlights this factor to inspire that women (both plus size and curvy) don’t have to be essentially slim to look beautiful.


  • Full Text: Beauty doesn’t have a Weight Limit
  • Font Type: Casual Scripts
  • Font Case: Capitalized Words
  • Color Pattern: Mixed RGB
  • Common Colors: Copperfield, Coral Tree, Masala, Tacha, Cotton Candy
  • Highlight Parts: 2 (Beauty, Weight Limit)
  • Ideal for: Women’s Dress and Party Wear
  • File Format: SVG