BITE ME Appeal Design Print for Casual Dress, Unisex


This time, no not much of a thematic show! Sometimes, you can avoid being overly caring about how you look wearing tops or a casual t-shirt.

This design visualizes an open mouth having two lines of teeth waiting to bite a mouthwatering fruit! The vertically stretched red lips add some warmth while the fruit itself is appealing for getting bitten!


  • Full Text: BITE ME
  • Font Type: Casual Scripts
  • Font Case: Uppercase
  • Color Pattern: Solid, Mixed RGB
  • Common Colors: Waikawa Gray, White, Sundown, Sunset Orange, Chelsea Cucumber, Tundora, Dodger Blue
  • Highlight Parts: Full Text
  • Ideal for: Casual Dress for Men and Women
  • File Format: SVG