The Power of Black Woman Design for Women’s Casual Outfit


Women are powerful, and black women are no less influential. Just like the most sophisticated example of a powerful woman, a black girl can deal with anything that comes on her way.

These women are not to be underestimated by any means. In this design, the depicted message makes a sense that the power of black women needs no further proof as there’re so many over time.


Full Text: Black Woman can do anything     We’ve proven that time and time and time Again

  • Font Case: Capitalized Words, Sentence Case
  • Color Pattern: Mixed RGB
  • Common Colors: Thatch, Amour, Equator, Coral Tree, Emperor, Bon Jour, Golden Sand
  • Highlight Parts: 3 (Black Woman, We’ve proven, Again)
  • Ideal for: Women’s Casual Outfit
  • File Format: SVG