Accepting Birthday Surprises All Months Print for Women’s T-Shirts

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That’s a cool thing to show during the time of your birthday. No shame in having this cool design printed on your favorite T-Shirts!

Go in style on the days you want to have some warmth and joy with your family, friends, and favorite people!


  • Full Text: (AUGUST) It’s My Birthday Month! I’m Now Accepting BIRTHDAY DINNERS, LUNCHES AND GIFTS
  • Font Type: A Mix of Sans-Serif and Casual Scripts
  • Font Case: Both Uppercase and Capitalized Words
  • Color Pattern: Mixed
  • Common Colors: Kelp, Cabbage Pont, Ebb, Toast, Stack, Silver Chalice, Norway, Sandrift
  • Customizable Part: Birthday Month
  • Highlight Parts: AUGUST (Birthday Month), I’m now accepting birthday dinners, lunches and gifts (the actual message)
  • Ideal for: Casual Women’s T-Shirts (Exclusively for the birthday month)
  • File Format: SVG