I’M BLACK And I’M PROUD Design for Women’s Casual Dress


Maybe, you’ve recognized these three traits in your dearest person born in March (sister/lover/friend): adventurous, optimistic, and passionate.

Don’t you agree that she deserves something as bold and creative as this design that is born to spark the womanly qualities in her and make her what everyone on this earth wants to be? Go, get it, now!


  • Full Text: MARCH GIRL     SAY IT LOUD           I’M BLACK   and      I’M PROUD
  • Font Case: Uppercase, Lowercase
  • Color Pattern: Solid, Mixed RGB
  • Common Colors: Viola, Medium Red Violet, Spicy Mix, Maroon Flush, White
  • Highlight Parts: 3 (MARCH GIRL, I’M BLACK, I’M PROUD)
  • Ideal for: Women’s Casual Dress
  • File Format: SVG