Africa Hair Queen Happy Birthday Print Design for Women’s Dress


This creative, multifaceted design lends women a way to talk about themselves like no conventional ways. No words need to be spoken because anyone who looks at gets the message and becomes clear whom he/she casts his/her eyes.

Design your favorite T-Shirt using this idea and see how everyone around you takes you!



Full Text: A Queen was born – Black Sophisticated Persistent Beautiful Girl Smart Passionate Gorgeous Alluring Remarkable Sexy Brave – February – Happy Birthday To Me!

  • Font Type: Formal Scripts
  • Font Case: Capitalized Words
  • Color Pattern: Mixed RGB
  • Common Colors: Pearl Bush, Westar, Emperor, Tall Poppy, Gray, Storm Dust, Petite Orchid, Twine, Corvette, etc.
  • Highlight Parts: Two (A Queen, February)
  • Ideal for: Women’s Dresses and T-Shirts (Solid Color)
  • File Format: SVG